Who are we?

As people who are super passionate about food and travel, we have always wanted to recreate that perfect dish we had on a vacation, savoured at a distant relative’s home, or craved for incessantly. But often, we would find ourselves struggling for time and recipes, making a list of ingredients we never had, shedding tears chopping onions, and what not. But the taste would just not be the same.

Sounds familiar, isn’t it?

So, we thought hard, worked harder and created CURRYiT – our range of Fresh Ready to Cook curry pastes which help you cook the most desirable Indian dishes in just a few minutes. Without any mess!

The Journey

From calling up Kaul aunty in Srinagar to find out that secret spice in Rogan Josh, to speaking with top Chefs for hours to get the flavour of Dal Makhani right and finishing all zoom credits to decode the intricacies of flavour – we did it all.

And well, the taste we achieved was totally worth it!

Of course, we’re obsessed with taste! And with hygiene, processes and peace of mind. So, we make all CURRYiT products in our super-hygienic kitchens (and not factories) with ingredients that are locally and ethically sourced. We’ve appointed our moms and grannies as Chief Quality Officers – ‘coz we all know how much they hate shortcuts, preservatives, fine-prints and ego. They keep us in check. 

This makes CURRYiT – Mom Approved, Fresh and absolutely Mind-blowing. So, go ahead and #justCURRYiT!

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