Sugar Spice and everything nice

Sugar, spice and everything nice! What is each CURRYiT paste made of?

  Uff uff mirchi, hai hai mirchi! Tongue searing, tastebud jostling, flaming red chillies. Yes, they’re definitely the MVPs of the spice family. However, Indian

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When art meets science

When “art” meets “science”- the secret to the best Indian curries

Nothing beats the feeling of a warm home cooked Indian curry, especially if your mom’s making it for you! The sizzle of raw onions in

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Best of Indian Cooking: Onion story

Types of Onion used in Indian cooking

The onion love story of India and the different varieties used in Indian cooking. After all, what’s a chaat without onions? Or Delhi’s favourite cheat

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The Spice Bomb from South India

The Spice Bomb from South India: CURRYiT Chettinad Masala

We’re certain that the world is thankful to India for introducing the scrumptious south Indian cuisine. The smell of crisp vadas, the sound of spluttering

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The smartest Sous-Chef in town - CURRYiT

CURRYiT: The smartest Sous-Chef in town

We all want to grow our own vegetables, hand-grind the spices, toss the pan like a ballet and stir up a sizzling dish. But doing

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The Kashmiri secret ingredient

The Kashmiri secret ingredient?

Ratan Jot is a natural red dye that has been traditionally used as a food colouring in authentic recipes of Kashmiri Rogan Josh and Tandoori

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