How to be the ultimate party host?

It’s the time to disco PARTYYYYYY….” this blistering summer heat? We know, we know. Stepping away from the AC and sweating it out in the kitchen is not very tempting. But hey, CURRYiT Hai, Possible Hai.

Here are 4 things you can do to be the ultimate party host this summer.


1. Dazzle with decor:

You don’t have to go crazy and redecorate for a party. But, it’s fun to pick a theme. For example, a retro 60’s karaoke party or a casino night! As a thumb-rule, fairy lights and tea-candles go with every theme, so make sure to bring them out of the attic. You can get crafty and cut out some hearts, spades, diamonds and clubs to place around your poker table if you’re doing a casino night. Don’t stress about transforming your home into a Pinterest click. A little goes a long way, and minimalist parties are always a hit. 


Beer Pong

Every party needs entertainment. We can’t always rely on office gossip or college memories to keep everyone amused. For those lulls in the conversation, make sure you have some games on hand to add some life back into the party. From Beer Pong, to Dumb Charades or the classic Never Have I Ever, you can’t go wrong with games. Just stoke those competitive fires and game-on!


3. Order take-out Curate a fabulous menu with CURRYiT:

Gone are the days when you’re slumming it in the kitchen and missing out on all the fun! Don’t worry, you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket ordering take-out. Oh ho, you don’t have to hire a chef either or spend days labouring over the menu.

With CURRYiT’s ready to cook curry pastes, there’s a party waiting to happen with every packet, and you just need 15 minutes to whip up delicious delicacies like Kashmiri Rogan Josh or Hyderabadi Biryani.

Just open the CURRYiT packet, stir it in with some hot water, add your protein, simmer and serve! That’s it. In fact, you don’t have to pick between your favourites. With CURRYiT’s wide array of choices, you can lay out a decadent spread of Indian Curries, snacks and accompaniments.


4. Have fun:

This is the most important step of any party. Amidst all the preparations, don’t forget to have fun! The party is as much for you as your guests. So, cut yourself some slack about the “oops” moments. Your guests won’t remember that you ran out of chips! But they will definitely remember your perfect Bachchan mimicry. 


So, when are you inviting us to your next bash? We promise to lend the biggest helping hand, in return for the biggest helping of our favourite Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani. Head over to our store to cart your party staples now!


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