The Kashmiri secret ingredient

The Kashmiri secret ingredient?

Ratan Jot is a natural red dye that has been traditionally used as a food colouring in authentic recipes of Kashmiri Rogan Josh and Tandoori chicken.

Yes, the signature red colour of these iconic dishes came from this lesser-known herb – Ratan Jot.

But sadly, these days, artificial food colours have replaced ratan jot in tandoori tikkas and Kashmiri Rogan Josh has been smothered with the excessive use of tomatoes. All in the name of the colour red and at the cost of authentic taste.

But… what exactly is Ratan Jot

Is it Ratan Jot or an Artificial

Ratan Jot is an Alkanet Root. Apart from its culinary aspects, Ratan Jot has been known for its medicinal benefits with its dating back to centuries. Ratan Jot was used extensively to treat cough, diarrhea and skin wounds. It’s anti-inflammatory properties has found great usage in homeopathy esp. curing headaches, fever, etc.

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