CURRYiT Mini: Go Green

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Cook India’s most loved vegetarian recipes at your home in just 15 minutes. Be it the all-comforting Dal Makhani, the homely Rajma or the Dhaba style Butter Masala you miss from your last road-trip, this trial pack is nostalgia served on a plate.

Each recipe is handcrafted to perfection with flavours from across the country in their truest, authentic and unadulterated form. Try It to Believe It.

This trial pack includes Daryaganj Dal Makhani, Dhaba Style Butter Masala and Ghar Wale Rajma curry pastes.

  1. Ready in 15 minutes
  2. One -pot dish(es)
  3. Includes 3 packs
  4. Each pack serves 2 people

Shelf Life: 9 Months
Storage: Room Temperature. Refrigerate once opened & consume within 15 days

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CURRYiT Mini:Go Green

Ready to cook premium Curry pastes Trial pack!

With CURRYiT, cooking is as simple as 1…2…3!

Step 1
Cooking Curry Pastes

Add CURRYiT paste to pan

Step 2

Stir-in your choice of protein/vegetables

Step 3
Fresh ingredients

Cook basis the recipe on individual packs

Mom Approved

100% Mom Approved

Delicious Taste Everytime

Delicious Taste Everytime

Locally sourced Ingredients

Fresh Localy Sourced Ingredients

Homegrown Brand

Homegrown Brand

Goodness of Ghee

Wih the Goodness Of Ghee

Zero Preservatives

Zero Preservatives

Ingredients: mentioned on respective packs

Go Green or Meat it Up with your choice of preparation. Checkout our CURRYiT Recipe Handbook for some lip-smacking recipes.

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CURRYiT Hai, Possible Hai


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