Butter Matar Paneer

with CURRYiT Butter Masala

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Butter Mattar Paneer is the North Indian dish of Indian cottage cheese aka every household’s favourite paneer and sweet, nutrient dense peas aka mattar that Indian masses find finger-licking good and results in an empty plate every time with its irresistible taste.

The secret of this appetising dish lies in getting the gravy right, ensuring that you hit that rich, spicy flavour infused with whole spices, blanched onions and tangy tomatoes right on the spot to make every spoonful an absolute delight.

With the unique aroma and flavours of garam masala & whole spices and ingredients such as cashew nuts, melon and poppy seeds rendering a rich creamy texture, Butter Mattar Masala is the ultimate sensory delight. Want to give it a try with a complete fail-safe option? Prepare your Butter Mattar Paneer with CURRYiT Butter Masala to get the taste right every single time.

Tips to Make Your Butter Matar Paneer Extra Special

  • When using paneer straight out of the packet, ensure to boil it for a minute and make it soft and fluffy.
  • Vegans can enjoy this dish by substituting paneer with extra firm tofu or Quorn. Make sure that you pre cook Quorn to induce tenderness.
  • Boil fresh peas before adding them, just rinse and add if using the frozen ones.


Main Course

total time

Total Time

15 Mins

prep time

Prep Time

0 min





  • 300g fresh paneer (diced)
  • Handful green peas
  • 1 CURRYiT Butter Masala
  • Chopped coriander for garnishing

How To Make Butter Mattar Paneer: Directions

  • In a pan, add CURRYiT Butter Masala, 1 cup of water and bring to boil
  • Add 300g paneer and green peas
  • Cover and simmer for 10-15 minutes
Garnishing Tip: Serve Butter Mattar Paneer garnished with coriander leaves.
Serving Tip: Butter Mattar Paneer is generally relished with hot butter naans, roti, phulkas. You can serve this deliciously creamy dish with rice preparations as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Butter Mattar Paneer is not only satisfying in taste but is also packed with nutrients such as calcium, proteins and vitamins. With nutritious peas and paneer, Butter Mattar Paneer makes a healthy, flavoursome serving for lunch and dinner.

Paneer has a short shelf life and tends to lose its freshness within two to three days of refrigeration so it is advised to not preserve it in your fridge for a long time.

For a Butter Mattar Paneer dish that serves four people, 400g of Indian cottage cheese (paneer) would be sufficient to prepare a delicious serving. If you are having a get-together with 8-10 people, 1 kg would suffice.

Nutritional Value

389.66 Kcal


1004.71 mg


34.34 g

Total Fats

15.39 g


6.454 g

Saturated Fat

2.86 g

Total Sugars

4.76 g



Trans Fat

CURRYiT Foodie Team

CURRYiT Foodie Team

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