Spicy Chettinad Katthal

with CURRYiT Chettinad Masala

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Spicy Chettinad Katthal, also known as Chettinad Palakkai Kurma, balances the unique taste of jackfruit with the aromatic, flavoursome spices of black pepper & fresh coconut in this versatile dish. This traditional dish of the Chettiar community frequents its servings in festive meals and marriage luncheons.

Spicy Chettinad Katthal, isn’t just delicious but also offers a plate full of health with its high fibre and low calorie content. To make an appetising serving of Chettinad Katthal effortlessly, follow this simple recipe using CURRYiT Chettinad Masala Paste below in just 15 minutes.

Tips to Make Spicy Chettinad Katthal Extra Special

  • Put pre-cut katthal pieces in the buttermilk water to prevent browning if you choose not to straight away marinate them
  • You can prepare a healthier version of the dish by boiling Katthal rather than frying it. Though the fried katthal is more flavourful


Main Course

total time

Total Time

30 Mins

prep time

Prep Time

15 min





  • 500g katthal /jackfruit
  • 1 CURRYiT Chettinad Masala Paste
  • Lime for garnish

How To Make Spicy Chettinad Katthal: Directions

  • Marinate jackfruit with haldi & salt. Deep fry till golden brown
  • In a pan, add CURRYiT Chettinad paste, 180ml (1 teacup) water, and bring to boil
  • Add fried jackfruit, cover & cook for 8-9mins
Garnishing Tip: Squeeze in the lime and your Spicy Chettinad Katthal is ready to serve.
Serving Tip: Spicy Chettinad Katthal is widely savoured with appam, malabar parota and rice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Jackfruit falls under the category of some of the most versatile fruits and has an extensive usage in preparation of delish sweets such as burfi and halwa, snacks like stir-fries and flavoursome curries that are widely savoured.

Grease your knife with oil and cut away the hard exterior of jackfruit till you find the smooth surface beneath. Then, cut off the inner hard white section at the top of it. Cut the jackfruit into thin slices or cubes as per your culinary needs.

Jackfruit is a tropical fruit tree that is found mainly in south-east asian countries and parts of Africa and South America. It is consumed profusely in diverse ways in these regions and has become a part of many delicacies.

Nutritional Value

368.54 Kcal


1030.16 mg


30.10 g

Total Fats

21.48 g


9.31 g

Saturated Fat

2.69 g

Total Sugars

2.93 g



Trans Fat

CURRYiT Foodie Team

CURRYiT Foodie Team

We're folks who love to experiment with recipes and want to recreate some amazing dishes from across the country.

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