When art meets science

When “art” meets “science”- the secret to the best Indian curries

Nothing beats the feeling of a warm home cooked Indian curry, especially if your mom’s making it for you! The sizzle of raw onions in the heated pan, the fragrance of fresh ghee perfuming the air, drawing you to the kitchen, where she’s humming Ek pyaar ka nagma hai and stirring up a hearty meal for you.

There’s a comfort in knowing that she’s cooking your favourite Rajma — the perfect concoction of spice, tangy tomato and soft legumes. And oh! You just can’t wait to grab a plate of rice and savour the curry with a side of green pudina chutney. Even if the first bite sears your tongue. But, she’s not always around to whip up a delicious meal. Unfortunately, growing up comes with the task of staying away or moving out of home. And, while adulting yourself and experimenting with flavours in the kitchen, you learn that it was more than just the ingredients which made that dish so yummy. It was a labour of love. A tradition passed through generations, with hacks that you won’t find in any recipe book, and the experience of knowing exactly what every member of the family preferred.

Cook like your mother: homestyle Indian curries

We knew that we couldn’t beat that nostalgia of your mom’s cooking, so we asked her for help instead! At CURRYiT, we reached out to a team of mothers to recreate your all time favorites like Kashmiri Rogan Josh, Dal Makhani, Ghar wale Rajma, Punjabi Kadai Masala, and lots more. We studied the multi-generational recipes shared by the moms to make our curry pastes with the same ingredients, goodness of ghee and dollops of love. So that you can enjoy authentic home style cooking effortlessly.

From learning how to add that brownish tinge naturally with dried amla while boiling Purani Dilli ke Chole, to patiently slow cooking the Kosha Mangsho paste in an iron kadai to build its texture, and showing us the magical properties of Ratan Jot, our team of moms helped us capture nostalgia in a pack.

Measure like a Chef: Balanced ingredients

We all know that capturing the perfect taste consistently isn’t just an art. It gotta have science to it. What should be the exact quantity of ingredients, what to put when, how much to roast and toast, etc etc.. So to make sure that every dish with CURRYiT turns out to be perfectly balanced everytime and ease the cooking process for you, we went a step further.

We added a dash of “science” to the “art” of our mother’s recipes by reaching out to some of the most celebrated and respected chefs in the country, to understand how to balance the flavours, what should be the exact quantity of ingredients added to our curry pastes. And boy! What a great learning experience. So the next time you miss Paneer Butter Masala or Ghar Wale Rajma, and can’t go back home to Mumma, make some while you hum your favourite Prateek Kuhaad song. Because, CURRYiT hai toh possible hai!

That perfect bite is just 15 mins away. We’ve done all the work already so you dont have to peel, chop, sweat or weap while dicing those onions and spices. All you have to do is snip, heat with some water and stir in your protein or vegetables. And voilà, your favourite curry is ready in just 3 easy steps.

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