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Dussehra: A Time to Indulge in the Best of Indian Cuisine

Hey there, October's here. Brace yourself for the cheers of festivities! For most of us, October marks the onset of celebrations and festivities across India - from Navratri, Dussehra to...

Hey there, October's here. Brace yourself for the cheers of festivities!

For most of us, October marks the onset of celebrations and festivities across India - from Navratri, Dussehra to Diwali, Karwachauth and Bhai Duj. Every day is a reason to revel in blessings, happiness, gifts, and, of course, delicious FOOD - of course, food taking the center stage.

At every celebration, with guests about to arrive, it's time to plan the perfect dinner party menu or a warm family feast. Here are four classic North Indian dishes that are reminiscent of your childhood memories of the festivities.

Dal Makhani: Rich, Creamy and Oh! So Dreamy~

Dussehra, the festival of victory of good over evil, is a time for celebration and feasting. And what better way to celebrate than with a hearty bowl of dal makhani, a dish that is both delicious and nutritious?

Dal makhani is a creamy lentil dish made with black urad dal, slow-cooked in a rich tomato and butter sauce, resulting in a dish that is both flavorful and comforting. It is believed to have originated in Delhi’s Daryaganj area, and quickly became a popular dish throughout North India. Today, dal makhani is enjoyed by people all over the world, and it is especially popular during festive occasions. On special occasions, dal makhani is often served as part of a thali, a large platter of food that includes a variety of dishes. 

Whether you are celebrating Dussehra or simply enjoying a meal with loved ones, dal makhani is a perfect dish to share. It is a dish that is both delicious and meaningful, and it is sure to bring joy to everyone who tastes it.

Chole Bhature: A match made in heaven!

This iconic Punjabi dish is a staple on the Dussehra menu, and for good reason. It's delicious and perfect for sharing with friends and family for lunch or dinner.

Chole Bhature is a combination of two dishes: chhole, a spicy chickpea curry, and bhature, a deep-fried leavened bread. The chole are made with a blend of spices, including garam masala, cumin, coriander, and ginger. They're cooked until they're tender and flavorful, and then served with a side of bhature. 

Bhature are made with maida (refined wheat flour), yogurt, and yeast. They're kneaded and rolled out into thin discs, and then deep-fried until they're golden brown and puffy.

Chhole Bhature is said to have originated in the city of Amritsar in Punjab. It was originally a popular breakfast dish, but it's also now enjoyed for lunch and dinner. So if you're looking for a delicious and festive dish to enjoy this October, be sure to try Chhole Bhature! You won't be disappointed.

Biryani - The star of all tables

Biryani, a dish of spiced rice and meat or vegetables, is one of the most popular and beloved dishes in India. It is said to have originated in the Mughal courts, where it was made with the finest ingredients and served to royalty. Today, biryani is enjoyed by people of all walks of life, and it is a significant part of many Indian celebrations, including Dussehra.

The popularity of biryani can be attributed to its delicious taste and its versatility. Biryani can be made with a variety of different meats, vegetables, and spices. This makes it a dish that can be enjoyed by people of all tastes and dietary restrictions.

Biryani is also a dish that is associated with celebration and joy. It is a dish that brings people together. So…next time you are celebrating a special occasion, be sure to serve a plate of biryani! It is a dish that is sure to please everyone!

Paneer Butter Masala

Who isn’t familiar with Paneer Butter Masala? With its velvety texture, tangy flavor, and perfect balance of spices, it's no wonder that Paneer Butter Masala has become one of the most popular Indian dishes of all time. And what better time to enjoy this delicious dish than on Dussehra, one of the most important festivals in the Indian calendar?

This iconic dish is made with paneer (Indian cheese), butter, tomatoes, onions, and a blend of spices. It is typically served with naan bread, rice, or roti. Paneer Butter Masala is a popular dish for both special occasions and everyday meals.

So gather your loved ones and enjoy a feast of Paneer Butter Masala on this Dussehra.


In a nutshell, Dussehra is not just a festival; it's a spectacular fusion of traditions, spirituality, and an explosion of flavors that'll make your taste buds dance. As we relish the victory of good over evil, let's not forget to relish the mouthwatering treasures that Indian cuisine has in store.

From the luxuriously creamy Dal Makhani to the boldly spicy Chole Bhature, from the regal and aromatic Biryani to the velvety and flavorful Paneer Butter Masala, these dishes are more than just food; they're the architects of family togetherness, memory-making, and the pure joy of sharing a meal with loved ones. Let's make this Dussehra a celebration of not just the best of Indian cuisine but also a celebration of warmth, togetherness, and pure deliciousness. Here's to a joyously scrumptious Dussehra!


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